Vape Bans and Executive Overreach

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What exactly is going on with all the vape bans?

Proposed Federal Ban on Vape Flavors

White house officials announced on Sept 11, 2019 that they were planning a temporary ban on flavored E-Liquids.

This is a knee-jerk reaction to a problem which is unrelated to vaping. A large amount of toxic contaminated, black market THC products are the source of the problem. Black market products are making people ill, even leading to multiple deaths. This has led to government vape bans.

Black market products are linked to all fatal cases. The CDC has finally acknowledged this.

MSA Blood Money

A large group of individuals online are placing blame on the MSA. All 50 States came to an agreement with tobacco comapnies in the 1990s. This settlement was called the Master Settlement Agreement. (MSA)

Under this agreement, each state receives a varying amount in restitution annually. The amount is based on tobacco sales figures for the year.

Vaping has made a serious dent in tobacco sales. This decrease has therefore caused budget shortfalls for many states reaching into the billions. Many believe states are jumping on the opportunity to ban vaping while negative media coverage is high. This would be an action to recoup tobacco sales revenue.

If this is the case, then every one of these officials, by any standard of morality, should be ejected from office.

It’s hard to say why American Federal, and State governments are all acting contrary to facts and scientific research. There is mounting data and research coming out to prove that vaping is nothing short of a public health miracle.

What is The Truth Behind The Vape Bans?

Many states are attempting to ban vape flavors, or in Massachusetts’s case, all vaping. Most are justifying this action by touting the fallacious rhetoric “What about the children?”

The truth with minors is that, while there has been an alarming increase in teens claiming to have “tried” vape products, many have not continued to use them habitually. A dramatic decrease in teens reporting to have tried combustible tobacco accompanies this data.

So Why Not Ban Vape Flavors?

The first argument I could think of against vape bans would be that adults have the right to choose what to do with their own bodies, and judge their risks accordingly.

Data also suggests flavors are single-handedly responsible for the success of the vast majority of adult smokers switching to vaping. Adults enjoy flavors. Vaping has been a success because of this.

I Use Flavors. Should I Worry?

Consumer advocate groups are already calling the legality of these bans into question. The VTA has filed a lawsuit against Gov. Cuomo’s statewide vape flavor ban. More action is planned to protect your rights, as a vaper.

You can, however, lend your voice to the crowd. You can sign up with CASAAand the VTA, which will help make it known that executive overreach will not be tolerated. The public will not be convinced, by force, that vaping is anything less than a public health triumph.

States That Have Banned Flavors

  • Michigan
  • New York
  • Rhode Island
  • Washington

States That Have Banned Vaping

  • Massachusetts

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