PG Vs VG E-Liquid

Pg vs Vg: Eliquid creation.

Standard e-liquids contain four ingredients: a propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin (VG) base, nicotine, water and food grade flavorings. Let’s take a look at PG vs VG ratios.

Both PG and VG are considered safe by the FDA are both used in the food and personal care industries as food additives.

However, they both bring key differences to the vaping experience.


PG has a thin, runny consistency. It can be easily absorbed by cartomizers and wick tanks. It also has a low density, meaning that it doesn’t generate any build-up on the vaporizer’s heating element.

PG is also tasteless and does not smell, it has no effect on the flavor. PG has a stronger impact on the throat and will dry your mouth with consistent use.

On the other hand, VG has a thicker consistency compared to PG so vapers can blow large vape clouds. This makes it a popular juice ingredient for cloud chasers.

This thicker consistency makes it much slower to be absorbed by cartomizers and wick tanks and also creates gunk which clogs up the vape, so requires regular cleaning.

VG also has a sweet taste so it has an effect on the juice’s flavor. There is also less of a throat hit with VG.

Some e-liquids contain both PG and VG in the same mixture. The common ratio is usually 60% VG and 40% PG as this gives great flavor and bigger clouds.

You can also mix PG and VG with a 70% VG and 30% PG ration. This will create even larger clouds and but reduces the throat hit.

Customise your mixture for your preferred vaping experience.

PG & VG Setups

When it comes to choosing between PG vs VG vape juice, your decision will be based on two factors: your equipment and how much you want to create impressive vape clouds.

Without the right vape setup, you may run into a lot of problems with your wick so be sure to check what it has been designed to take.

Clearomizers are not generally suitable for high VG e-liquids. This is because their coils are usually of higher resistance, meaning they do not function properly with thicker contents. If you want to use a clearomizer with your vape, stick to PG.

If you’re a sub-ohm vaper, you should consider using VG e-juice. They tend to be more powerful so can cope with the thicker substance and allow you to create awesome vape tricks and vape clouds. Their performance also allows you to experience fuller and richer e-liquid flavors.

For those of you that like to customise your vape, you have the best of both worlds. You have the freedom to choose your juice ratio. While it still depends on your coil, there is less of a burden on your cotton wicking. Just pick your personal preference.


Choosing between PG and VG is entirely up to you.

For those of you that like to embrace the throat hit, choose a PG e-juice. If you prefer creating clouds, choose a VG e-juice.

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