Is Vaping Causing Lung Disease and Multiple Deaths?

The short answer is no. Nicotine vaping is not causing the problems you may have recently heard about.

Why All the Recent Bad Press?

You’ve seen the news. The CDC is investigating 450 cases of lung disease they believe to be linked to vaping. Ten years after the advent of vaping, all in one single year, people who are not old enough to have vaped for ten years suddenly fall ill. Why not the millions who have been vaping since 2010 or even earlier?

The Culprit: THC Vapes and Black Market Additives

Further investigation into the matter has put Vitamin E Acetate under the CDC radar as the likely culprit. This is not an ingredient used in e-liquids, however, they refuse to stop mentioning e-cigarettes as a suspected cause. They continue to tack on legitimate vaping into their warnings, even though this ingredient is not and never has been used in e-liquids.

Black Market THC cartridges are the likely culprit. They have been found to contain many oils including MCT, and Vitamin E Acetate. Oils are not safe for inhaling in most any form. This is why e-liquids use glycerin rather than actual oils.


They have also been tested positive for Myclobutanil. Myclobutanil is a fungicide banned in tobacco agriculture due to it producing a poisonous compound when heated, Hydrogen Cyanide. It is still used in unregulated black market Cannabis production.

Consumer advocates in the regulated Cannabis industry have submitted many sources of concern for THC vapes bought outside of legitimate and licensed dispensaries. One report, on June 18th uploaded to the Doja Instagram and Facebook pages shows a BelCosta Labs report of a “Dank Vapes” cartridge containing large amounts of another fungicide, Fenhexamid.

Deceptive Drug Dealer’s Tactics

Companies like Dank Vapes do not exist. Chinese manufacturers are producing professional looking packaging with this made up brand and selling them to anyone who wishes to purchase the empty packages. Black market producers then fill them with low quality, and dangerous extracts.

While a batch of Dank Vapes cartridges is looking more and more like the culprit in the recent outbreak of lung disease. Other brands and even legitimate brands should be approached with skepticism. Counterfeit and blatantly non-existant brands are becoming a big problem in the cannabis industry.

So, Why is Vaping Under Fire?

The CDC originally suspected vaping to be the culprit because the victims of the diseases reported that they had been “vaping.” They did not, until later, distinguish that they were vaping THC cartridges.

The CDC has admitted to the mistake, however the damage has already been done to our industry. The Trump administration and the FDA have taken steps toward destructive measures to ban ecig flavors. This is a move which will do absolutely nothing to stop or even slow the actual problem.

What Can I Do?

CASAA, a vaping consumer advocacy group has issued a call to action to Light Up The White House Switchboard. You can call and politely show your support for the life saving vape products out there. We also recommend you call your local representatives and voice your concern about these drastic measures. There is also a petition on gaining support, which is calling for Donald Trump to put a stop to the ban.

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